What is a pellet

Pellets are natural fuel provided by nature. The biomass litter from clearing forests is converted into an energy source.
Pellets are cylinder-shaped. The wood is compressed to burn better and generate heat that can compete with other energy sources at a very economical price.


Pellets have to comply with a standard of quality to prevent damaging the boiler or burner. This is mainly determined by the raw material used.

Profits your pocket and the environment

The biomass is natural waste that can be converted into renewable energy and has neutral CO2 emissions so, therefore, closes the carbon cycle started by the growth of plants.




Supply service

Pellets are packed on pallets holding 70 bags of 15 kg, and in 500 kg or 750 kg sacks. Unloading is manual (for 15 kg bags) or by truck.

gasorba boiler pellets

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